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Locomotive Camera v3.10

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If you want to know the current status of each of the cameras, my suggestion is to read Message 17- Camera Status

To view the live video feed from the Train Camera using a smart device, follow the instructions.

Step 1

    Download the application called 'PV Cam Viewer'.



Step 2:

     Open the device manager in the application.

Step 3:

     To add the camera in the application, tap the '+' sign.

Step 4:

    Manually enter the camera into the application.

    No QR code is availabe at the time.

Step 5:

    Enter the camera ID of 'P030474' for camera 1 or
    Enter the camera ID of 'P032113' for camera 2
    Enter the camera ID of 'P032116' for camera 3
    Enter the camera ID of 'P032930' for camera 4
    Entrer the camera ID of 'P032932' for camera5

Then enter the code of' '4321' for each This the camera is on-line, it will show show; otherwise in maybe be off-line (not powered or in transit to a destination)

Step 6:

     The camera should now appear in the application.

     Tap on the camera to connect to it.


     After connecting to the camera, tap on the recorder settings.

Step 8:

     You should now see a live video display of the camera on my train layout.

Notes: for the moment, you cannot control the locomotive. You can only watch a live video from the lead locomotive camera.

In the future, the live video/audio with me feed into my software.

Can't wait to get a locomotive up on-line!

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