Update releases:  for the year of 2007 , 2006 , 2005 Hyper Link, 2004 Hyper Link and 2003 Hyper Link.

     Please tell me your comments and suggestion. I'd like to hear from you about my program. Many of you have made comments and I am writing them down. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to implement all of them. I'm doing my best. If you don't like what I have changed, tell me, let's work on this together!

Version Location Description of Updates
Just fixed an annoying issue. REF 080217-01
Video Module
Remove a conditonal state to simplify the 'ConnectionClosed' routine for stopping the locomotive using spped step zero. REF 07071607-01
Video Module
A small non-crical error was fixed which incorrectly appended to the AtcVIDEO.txt file the remote IP address of the user when the video connection terminated. REF 070507-02
MainlineOperation GUI Diesel1
Timer2 for starting the locomotive had a critical error 424. It has now been resolved. REF 070507-01
More code was added to debug mode. REF 063007-01
Room Lighting Control
See Below REF 060807-3
Mainline Operation GU
Seems there was a mix up with varaibles and values saved to the ATC.INI file. I've found two that needed to be corrected. REF 060807-02
Mainline Operation GUI
I added a small routine to autoamtically run the progrm minimized if in host mode. This reduced the CPU load by 10 % . REF 060807-01
Video Module
Some changes were made to the way the software emails people hosting a session. REF 060607-01
Video Module
Corrected logging of AtcVideo.txt file to network drive, if the user chooses the option. REF 053007-01
Main Screen
Small bug occured with the routine called TextboxCommunicationWindowDCC_Change; such that when the contents of the textbox is recorded to a text file, some of the lines were written to the file twice. This occured when the text box was greater-than 30,000 charaters. Seems the truncation of the string causes the even to be fired again. REF 051007-01
Video Module
A little conflict with two procedures, ConnectionRequest and ConnectionClosed has been resolved. If a user termniated the video connection quickly using the web pages, The ConnectionClosed routine would be executed before the ConnectionRequest routine was finished. REF 050507-01
Video Module
Steve indicated that his locomotive did not move in host mode. I added a few lines of code to see the state of the winsock. Its dislayed in the Main Screen text bos with the DCC commands. REF 043007-01
After testing the software, I released a new version. REF 031007-01
Package and Deployment
A while ago I made available a 'lite' version and a 'full' version of the software.  This has created some difficulties for me. The 'lite' version  was  client-only version, restricting the user to operating across the internet. The 'full' version unlocks all the potential of the software (host mode, local mode, client mode, programming locomotive, consists, speed  tables etc.) The 'lite version' contains the graphics for one locomotive cab only. The 'full' version contains all the cab graphics for several locomotives.
With a new version of the software, a hosting computer (connected to a DCC layout) and choose the locomotive cab specific to their layout. Its no longer restricted to the 9-40CW cab.
This means the new release 'lite' version must include all graphic file for all cabs.
Not much difference in the 'lite' or 'full' version of the program (other then restrictions on the options).
ATC Updater
The executable file was updated and changed to look at the ATC.INI file for files to update. This makes my job of updating the software allot easier. It will also make it easier for the clients updating, instead of download the whole software package.
This file contains all the configuration setting for Automatic Train Control. Some more configuration setting have been added to the end of the file. These are file name for updating your software (running ATC Updater). REF 020107-02
Atc Updater
I found a flaw in a custom control, FileTransX. Sometimes it would incorrectly obtain the date from a file, thinking it needed to be updated. This caused some unnecessary downloading of files. This has now been corrected. A new version of the custom control will be made available with the new distribution package. REF 030107-01
Video Module
Every time a client connects to the server (hosting machine) a counter now increases. I've added this because of the room lighting situation. When two clients are connected, the room lights are on. When one of the clients disconnects, the room lights use-to turn off, leaving the other client 'in the dark'.  REF 022407-01
Communication Setting
Setting for communication port were save to an incorrect variable. REF 021207-01
Mainline GUI
I've moved some of the objects around to make space for new options. These new option are check boxes for selecting the manufacturer of the sound decoder  to use with the GUI. For example, the QSI  uses function seven for a short air blast, Soundtraxx does not. Soundtraxx uses function four and five for manual notching of the prime mover. QSI does not. So, selecting the manufacturer of your sound decoder changes the way the software uses the sounds. REF 020507-01
Video Module
Since the addition of the QSI decoder, I have been adding code in the Video Request and Video Closed routines. I'm hoping to make a small macro routine that is played when a user requests video. REF 02040-02
Mainline GUI
I was testing the software this week end. I found the software was not correctly sending packets for functions five, six, seven and eight; and nine, ten, eleven and twelve. The two packets were reversed. REF 020407-01
All Screens
Since a new form (screen or window) has been added, all forms need to be changed to accommodate it. It has to do with closing the screens and opening the last known window. REF 020207-01
Internet Settings
When hosting a session, the host machine (after telling the client what GUI its using) did not clear the Win sock inbound text. Clients could not immediately start the locomotive. Another locomotive control had to be used before the client could start the locomotive. This has now been fixed. Clients can immediate start the locomotive after connecting to a server (hosting machine connected to a DCC layout). REF 012307-02
All GUI Screens
The Close Button property 'enabled' is changed to false to prevent the user from clicking multiple times. REF 012307-01
Internet Settings
I made changes to the winsock data retrieval to accomodate the third diesel grapgic user interface. REF 012107-03
Mainline Operation Gui Diesel3 Screen
It was reallt easy to finish the third dirsel screen today. All routines where taken from the second diesel screen. Its basically a clone. All I nned to do is test the software now. REF 012107-02
I made a small change in the menu, such that if the communication port is open, the Internet Settings is not enabled and vise versa. THe only reson for this is to force user who are hosting or running in stand alone mode to goto the 'Mainline Operation Gui' next. REF 012107-01
Internet Settings Screen
Reformed code and sorced bugs with common calling routines. REF 011307-01
Internet Settings Screen
Added code to call routings from client to server and server to client. REF 011207-01
Internet Settings Screen
Changed alot of code to identify active screen. Its used to determin whivh GUI is currently opened. 011107-01
Mainline Operation GUI Diesel2 Screen
Added calls to video capture device. Everytihng going well. REF 011007-01
Mainline Operation GUI Diesel2 Screen
Stop engine, start engine, close GUI and help buttons added to the screen. REF 010907-01
Mainline Operation GUI Diesel2 Screen
Throttle, reverser, and dynamic brake routine completed. REF 010807-01
Mainline Operation GUI Diesel2 Screen
Sander and bell routines completed. REF 010707-01
A new programming module has be started. I'm moving all the video routines to this module. All the graphic user interfaces will utilize these routines. REF 010107-01
Mainline Operation GUI Diesel1 Screen
Video routine were removed from this form and called upon from VideoModule REF 010207-01
Mainline Operation GUI Diesel2 Screen
I stripped al lthe pictures from this form and started all over. This new graphics user interface wil be mush simplier to use and operate. REF 010307-01
Mainline Operation GUI Diesle2 Screen
Horn routine completed. REF 010407-01
Mainline Operation GUI Diesel2 Screen
Automatic brake routine completed. REF 010507-01
Mainline Operation GUI Diesel2 Screen
Independent brake routine completed. REF 010607-01