The Essex Train Show - February 22-23, 2003

First, I owe a great thank you to Rick. Rick helped me out allot this week end setting up the display and dismantling it. It would have been allot of work of one person. Rick is seem here before the opening of the second day of the show. Another special thank you goes to my parents who let me borrow their van; I needed a bigger vehicle to transport the whole layout in.

My digital layout is twenty-seven by eight feet. If you want to know more about the construction of the layout visit the web page called 'building my digital layout', here in my web site. A few key items I should communicate; first, the television monitor was used to show the images of a wireless camera I have in the led unit of the consist. This gave patrons a view of what it was like to ride in the cab of a locomotive on my layout. Second, my laptop computer was used to control the consists on the layout. This allowed me to spend more time talking with patrons about the joy of model railroading.

We spent allot of time talking with people. Here Rick is talking with fellow model railroader about techniques.

I didn't get all one hundred and fifty locomotives on the table, there is just so much time in the day for Rick and I to do everything. If you where here at the Essex show, please email me.

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